Time for a Rest Mr Moffat?

“Sorry Fanboy, but the arc resolution is in another castle!”

Ugh. That’s the only word I have to describe The Wedding of River Song. Boring, predictable, dull,  full of holes – the list goes on. I enjoyed this weeks (final) Doctor Who Confidential more than I did the show itself. *Warning* This post will contain massive spoilers, as I unleash my nerdy rage at everything. You have been warned. Ever since the credits rolled I’ve been growing more and more angered by this episode, and my faith in Moffat has been shrinking. Fast. The Wedding of River Song was supposed to be the big finale to reveal all the mysteries that have been around the last two seasons – River Song, the Silence, the Question, Lake Silencio, Madame Kovarian, the exploding TARDIS – and yet a grand total of 1 of those was properly answered. We still don’t [properly] know who River Song is, as for some unknown reason she still finds out the Doctor’s name. And we still haven’t met Jim the Fish =( I felt the Silence in this episode were massively underused, only there to create at least some sort of threat, without them it was just running about in floaty car dinosaur train land, which was a terrible idea in itself. (Why do the finales always have to be about “THE END OF TIME ITSELF”!? *yawn*) Then there was the Tessalecta. You know, that thing that was invented out of thin air by the Moff simply because he panicked and realised he had yet to invent the Doctor’s ‘Get Out of Death Free’ card. Anyone who missed Let’s Kill Hitler would’ve been completely confused by his survival, and, in my opinion, anything that plays a major plot point in an episode and wasn’t primarily introduced in that episode, should have been in at least two episodes beforehand. And considering the fact the Tessalecta couldn’t even replicate a pair of glasses (LKH), how did it somehow manage to replicate the effects of a regeneration and fool the universe (including a Silent not 20 metres away) with it I’ll never know.

On the subject of Silents, talk about underused. They seemed to be there just to give their story some sort of rough ending, even if there’s still more about them we don’t know, like why they blew up the TARDIS in last year’s finale (presuming it was them). Also Madame Kovarian – totally unnecessary. She’s had her time in the spotlight, she was just the midwife who brought up Melody to be the weapon they wanted her to become. No need for her to return, just another “Look who’s back!” character.

Anyway, enough ranting, I’m meant to be writing an English essay right now (T_T), so that’s all from me.






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